5 Motivation Tips for Exercise and Fitness

Hi, I’m Jordan and once again I’m here to share some exercise tips with you. Many people who have done exercises under my guidance have said that they find it difficult to be regular at the gym. If you start an exercise program, there is a strong need to do the workouts regularly. Just making excuses or being too busy with other things of life will spoil all your fitness plans. Most people lack the motivation to stick to the exercise plan. It makes them leave the exercises in between and go back to the starting point being inactive and sedentary. Keep motivating yourself and visualizing the slim figure and great body that you want to have. Today, I will explain some ways to increase the motivation to stick to workouts. The top 5 motivation tips for exercise and fitness. 

Reward Yourself

Rewarding is a very good way to increase the motivation to do exercises. The idea of improving the health and becoming slim may not be very appealing to the very person. Think that after doing exercises at the gym daily, you will get a reward like a smoothie or a healthy food that you love. You can also watch your favorite movie or television show as a reward. Being attracted by a treat, you are more likely to enjoy and stick to workouts in the hope of a reward.

Choose Short Term Goals

Aim at short term goals instead of waiting too long for getting that perfect figure, losing weight or building muscles. Doing exercises with the results taking a long time to fructify will cause loss of interest as you feel discouraged as the time passes. Instead of setting a weekly or monthly goal, set daily goals like exercising for twenty minutes outdoors or on the treadmill. Don’t make the exercise plan that is made on the long-term basis.

Do Different Exercises

Changing the exercises is better than sticking to the same routine every day. If you have a certain set routine with similar exercises daily, it will only cause boredom making you quit the exercises. Do different types of exercises every day. Do running along with other workouts like interval training. Play sports along with exercises at the gym. Choose a variety of exercises so that you don’t lose interest and stick to the fitness plan.

Become Active At Home

Doing exercises at the gym is great but your activities at the home and other time of the day counts too. Many people do a lot of workout at the gym but lead an inactive life outside it. Besides going to the gym, include physical activities in your daily life. Walking is an easy exercise that can be part of your life. Walk to nearby shops and other places by going on foot instead of using a car. Do jogging in morning and evening. Climb stairs at home. Use stairs in multi-storeyed buildings at the office and malls instead of taking a lift.

Write a Diary

Sometimes, exercising becomes a routine and people reach the plateau levels. This is the point when there is no gain or weight loss from the workouts. For this problem, it is better to keep a written record of the exercises you do. Take a diary and write down the daily exercises in it. Analyze your diary to find the problems and blocks in your exercise program. This is the best way to get a personal feedback from one’s own self to the fitness goal.